Forgetful math genius?

Joan's teacher complimented her for her math today, saying that she was the only one that could answer to the question demanding very mathematical thinking beyond just calculations. 

Proud and elated I asked Joan on our way back home: 

"So what was the question?" 
"I forgot what it was. She was just impressed and held me to do a 'happy dance'."

Hmm ok. I hope it wasn't just a lucky guess :-/ 

주원이가 수학문제를 아주 잘 맞췄다고 선생님께 칭찬 받았다. 단순 계산을 넘어선 수학적사고력을 요하는 문제에 유일하게 답을 했다는것! 기분이 좋아서 집에 오는길에 주원이에게 물었다. 
"그래 무슨 문제였는데?"
"몰라 까먹었어요. 그냥 선생님이 잘했다고 날 안고 춤을 췄어" (선생님의 칭찬 방법중 하나인듯) 

우연히 찍어서 맞춘건 아니길… ^^; 

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